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Ha-ha-only-serious comments like this really bother me.

I understand that people who say "all women in tech know each other" have good intentions, and are often saying it as a way to build community, or to make the important point that backchannels and whisper networks exist.

But there are many, many "women in tech" (ugh, I hate that phrase too, but I'm choosing battles) that the women-in-tech Twitterati don't know, and apparently don't know that they don't know. A lot of those women are older; a lot of them are immigrants; a lot of them work at big, boring, unsexy companies, or in academia; a lot of them aren't on Twitter. The word "tech" in "all women in tech know each other" seems to refer to only a very specific slice of the tech world. Saying that "all women in tech know each other" erases a lot of women, and that frustrates me.

Date: 2017-05-31 02:24 pm (UTC)
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I agree with you! Glargh.

(Sort of relatedly: this year at WisCon I saw multiple people of South Asian origin whom I did not already know! I think I did not get to meet all of them over the course of the weekend! This is exciting and a wonderful development.)

(Also sort of relatedly: my aversion to hyperbolic generalization gets in my way when I am talking with people who are venting about oppression or engaging in more manifesto-type rhetoric. I wonder whether you ever run into this kind of communication style conflict?)
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